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About Us

Dance wEST03 is based in Roma, in rural South West Queensland. This year we celebrate 28 years of sharing our love and expertise in dance with the youth of the outback. We believe dance is an outstanding activity & art form to pursue with endless benefits. Not only does it empower our dancers with the freedom to express themselves with beauty, grace & control but it builds beautiful friendships, connections & the confidence to create their best life. We have a beautiful family culture where our dancers share in each others joy & love for dance, supporting & encouraging each other through their learning. Appreciating each others efforts & commitment as part of a team nurtured along with outstanding coaches & teachers.

We understand distance can be a challenge to ensuring children in the bush don’t miss out so we are dedicated to ensuring your child receives the very best dance opportunities available.
We run regular workshops with artists and choreographers across the country who share in their knowledge & expertise.
Participate in eisteddfods so dancers can experience a competitive platform.
Host annual dance exams.
Contribute to community events through performance.
Showcase our dancers at our end of year concert.
Run a dance camp annually @mulgabeltliving
Portfolio shoots for our aspiring dancers/upcoming artists.
Creatively develop & produce Promo Reels to showcase our rural dancers on the worlds platform of social media.

Our school offers excellent & diverse dance education with qualified and experienced dance teachers in the areas of  jazz, tap, street tap, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre & ballet from the Australian Teachers of Dance syllabus or ATOD. Acrobatic Dance or Acrodance, Aerial Silk/Tissu, Lyra (hoop) &  Street Jazz classes have also been established as well as Fierce Entertainment Unlimited, an entertainment company for corporate events.  Through Dance wEST03’s affiliation with ATOD & Acrobatic Arts we are able to provide students with the unique opportunity to participate in exams in many areas of dance.  Please visit the websites for ATOD www.atod.net.au & Acrobatic Arts www.acrobaticarts.com or contact us for more information.

Workshops are provided annually so that students may experience the latest choreographic trends from some of the industries leading national and international performers/choreographers.  Over the years we have had the pleasure of hosting many workshops with some wonderful choreographers/dancers.  Guest choreographers have included Ngavaine Tearea who has had contracts with Jennifer Lopez, Micheal Jackson, Flo Rida, Cirque de Soleil & danced in the “World Hip Hop Championships” receiving Gold in 2012 competing with the Royal Family Mega Crew. Other guest choreographers include Jesse Rasmussen (Finalist in SYTYCD Season 2), Canadian Hip Hop dancer Dickson Lee from Elements Collective, Vanessa Friscia Principal & BOSS Lady of VHUB Dance as well as a regular choreographer & performer on the Brisbane scene.

We participate in eisteddfods to allow our dancers to experience the joys & rigours of competing against other budding young dancers and to further develop their dance education while taking their dance skills to the next level.

Community performances are an important to our school, not only to share our love of dance and showcase our skills but to also give back to our community by providing entertainment to local events.

We believe all of the opportunities we are dedicated to providing help enrich the lives & experiences of our dancers to help them develop into a well rounded performer, creative & person.

Inschool programs are a favourite and speciality of ours!  We relish the opportunity to work in regional & remote locations throughout Queensland schools, inspiring the youth of the outback and providing a rare opportunity to experience dance.