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Scholarship Program

In 2009, Dance wEST03 awarded it’s first part scholarship since the schools inception.

Students who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment and dedication to dance through a high attendance rate to class as well as participating in a range of other dance school activities including eisteddfod, Hype Night, community performance and workshops.

This award is not only about participation but also about character and how they relate to their classmates and represent our dance school.  It was announced at the end of the 2016 Annual Dance Concert in Roma that Shauna Fisher best demonstrated these qualities.  It is difficult to choose just one individual from so many worthy candidates so we congratulate Shauna on achieving this honour!

2009 Scholarship Winner – Claudia Sabine

2010 Scholarship Winners – Morgana McDermott, Bella Tilbury.

2010 Dance Captain – Morgana McDermott

2011 Scholarship Winner – Ali Hall

2011 Dance Captain – Bella Tilbury

2012 Scholarship Winner – Jess Coupe

2012 Dance Captain – Jess Coupe

2013 Scholarship Winner – Tayla Shelton

2013 Dance Captain – Claudia Sabine

2014 Scholarship Winner – Demmi Yates

2014 Dance Captain – Ali Hall

2015 Scholarship Winner – Kate Martyn

2015 Dance Captain – Sophie Tilbury

2016 Scholarship Winner – Riley Bryen

2016 Dance Captain – Kate Martyn

2017 Scholarship Winner – Shauna Fisher

2017 Dance Captain – Lilly Haddock

2017 Dance wEST03 DC

2017 Dance wEST03 DC